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Perfection of excellence in landscaping; irrigation and paving!

Manual and automatic irrigation


Manual irrigation

A wide range of irrigation systems to suit our client's requirements and budget

Manual irrigation systems is very cost effective, and you get to choose how much water you want to use on daily basis. Operating it is as easy as opening a tap or a shower, even children can assist in this regard. It also has less maintenance compared to other irrigation systems.

Automatic Irrigation

Our automatic Irrigation operates very conveniently; you set it to your specific requirements. As far as pricing is concerned it costs a fraction more than the manual irrigation system.

In addition to the automatic irrigation you can add a rain censor which automatically turns off your irrigation system when raining.



Landscaping services

We offer Landscaping and Garden Design, draw up the plans and implement specifically as required by our clients.

Paving supply & installation

We manufacture paving bricks and install them as well, that makes us the best paving bricks layers as we understand the product extensively.

Irrigation systems

We have a team of experts who will attend to your irrigation and sprinkler systems, installation and maintenance.

Plant Nursery

We have got a nursery where we sell plants to the public and all the plants we use for landscaping are from our yard and that makes our prices very affordable.

Operating in Johannesburg and Pretoria
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